Book 1: Olly & The Spores of Oak Hill is Published

On November 9th, 2022, American author Glenn Somodi published his first book of the “Olly & The Spores” series, Olly & The Spores of Oak Hill. The new young adult fiction book was is available on Amazon and also on Barnes & Noble.

The first review by Dawn Thompson reads:
This book captivated my imagination and I literally could not put it down. I was instantly committed to the well-developed main characters and felt like I was part of their adventure through Oak Hill. The characters faced relatable challenges that many teens face today and their sense of courage and kindness always prevailed. The author provided “real” insight into teenage bullying, acceptance from peers, and the ability to believe in the unknown. Olly and Ember are on an amazing adventure full of vivid experiences, unexpected friendships, and unveiled family secrets. This is a must-read for a teen that enjoys intriguing adventures and magical mysteries.


When Oliver (Olly) Appleton’s grandfather dies in a suspicious accident, his family decides to move to Littleton, Massachusetts, to care for the family estate. Once there, they discover they need to protect their land from a greedy mall developer, Henry Dalton.

Sitting atop Oak Hill, the estate sits in an enchanted wooded sanctuary known for unusual activities and superstitions involving mythical creatures – rumors passed down since the Nipmuc people roamed the land.

When Olly and his new friend, Ember, run into trouble with school bullies, the creatures known as Spores step in to protect them. Through their adventures, Olly and Ember build friendships with members of the Spore community and discover a common goal. They must work together quickly to protect Oak Hill from Henry Dalton or lose their homes forever.

Published by Glenn Somodi

Glenn Somodi is an American author who writes his stories in the short space between lying down and dreaming. The stories are written over many nights, replayed, and rewritten in his head for enjoyment. His mission is to find anyone who enjoys reading the stories as much as he enjoys creating them.

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