HEY YOU GUYS! Did I mention I love The Goonies?

I love to write adventure stories. A large part of my childhood was spent watching movies like E.T., Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and my favorite movie of all time, The Goonies. You’ll often find me writing my next book wearing my Goonies “NEVER SAY DIE” t-shirt. I know it’s weird, but the movie reminds me of my childhood – a group of friends, going on adventures in the woods, hunting for rocks and treasures along the creek bed, looking for the next big adventure. These things inspired my debut book, Olly & The Spores of Oak Hill.

So, I wanted a replica Copper Bones Skeleton Key from the movie. I had some extra Sculpey clay, so here is what I came up with. WATCH THE VIDEO >


You’ll need:
• Sculpey III clay ($3)
• Metallic spraypaint ($7)
• Sharpee oil-based paint marker Copper or gold ($4)
• Black and white acrylic gray paint ($3)
• Scrap shoestring or leather strap (free)


1) Use Sculpey III clay to create the shape

2) Bake at 275 degrees until cured (about 30 minutes*)

3) Cover with metallic spray paint

4) Add highlights with gold marker

5) Mix black acrylic paint with water and give it a dark wash cover

6) Wipe off the top layer of black wash

7) Add some light gray highlights and wipe off any excess

8) Attach your strap and enjoy!

9) Scream “Hey you guys!” loudly.

*Follow Sculpey guidelines/instructions

Pirate treasure image by János Venczák, free on Unsplash

Published by Glenn Somodi

Glenn Somodi is an American author who writes his stories in the short space between lying down and dreaming. The stories are written over many nights, replayed, and rewritten in his head for enjoyment. His mission is to find anyone who enjoys reading the stories as much as he enjoys creating them.

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